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Chip dissa Stormzy in “Flowers”


Il rapper londinese Chip ha pubblicato due nuove tracce, Flowers e Killer MC il 7 ottobre. La traccia Flowers è un feroce diss che prende di mira Stormzy come risposta ad una strofa rivolta a lui da Stormzy nella traccia pubblicata a maggio I Dunno di Tion Wayne.

In Flowers, Chip inizia accusando Stormzy di averlo presumibilmente criticato a casa sua.

But it seems you won’t be satisfied unless you see a shooting
Can you believe this is the same boy that does the gospel music? (Ah)
Lord, he was broken and you fixed him, can you save him once again?
And tell every gangster with him, they can’t save him from this pen
This about G.O.A.T.s and kings, this is not about ends
But just in case you all forgot, it’s North side, ah
“G.O.A.T.” means the greatest of all time, to me, that’s Jay-Z (Mm)
I see you tryna play him down in interviews, you crazy?
Okay, you got money now, but still you got no wave, B 

Aspettiamo la risposta di Stormzy, che si vocifera stia preparando un focoso diss con Krept & Konan e Yungen.

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