19 febbraio 2020
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Slaine e Termanology rilasciano il video di Life Of Drugs Addict

>Pasquale Laselva Pasquale Laselva
02 Novembre, 2017

Il mese scorso, Slaine e Termanology hanno unito le forze pubblicando il disco “Anti-Hero”. Oggi hanno rilasciato il terzo video estratto dal titolo “Life Of Drugs Addict”, la strumentale è prodotta da Evidence mentre la clip è diretta da John Colombo. Drug addiction and substance abuse is becoming a big problem in the states, if you are addicted or know someone who needs help, please visit this article about substance abuse ft lauderdale. Many people don’t understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. They may mistakenly think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop their drug use simply by choosing to. In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. There are several ways to fight drug addiction, visit this article http://fherehab.com/news/group-organizing-effort-to-expel-drug-dealers/ and learn more!

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Pasquale Laselva
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